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You don't need to own your boat in order to learn to sail at MSA.

The Manchester Sailing Association is proud to have a fleet of sailboats committed to ensuring the greatest number of new and sailors of various experience levels can participate in learning to sale and racing. MSA owns 4 Rhodes 19s, 16 420s, 6 Lasers, 2 O'pen BICs, 30 Optimists, and 4 Dyer Dhows. All are available for classes as well as on a first-come first-serve basis for sailing on Saturdays during the primary MSA season.

In addition to association owned boats, MSA also has many sailors who have private boats(of the appropriate class) that he/she use during classes and when racing at regattas.

For Laser and Laser Radial sailors, all 420 classes and race teams also support Lasers.


Boat Related FAQs

Who is eligible for Saturday Sailing? Saturday Sailing is for all MSA participants to try out what they have learned and for parents to sail with their child, if they so choose. Sailing is supervised from 9 AM to 12 PM beginning June 29. You must arrive before 10 AM because the instructors will be out on the water after 10 AM and will not be available to sign you out. Members of all classes may participate in the boat used in class. Children are expected to be able to rig the boat themselves, with parental help if needed. The instructor is present to sign out the boats and supervise on the water and is usually not available to help in rigging, launching and de-rigging. Both children and parents must bring their own life jackets and wear them at all times. There may be a few Saturdays on which no instructor is available, so please check with your child's instructor or the Program Director as the summer progresses.

Where can we store our privately owned boats? Rack space is usually available for MSA participants. Demand for private boat storage has increased dramatically. MSA reserves the right to place and move boats as we feel appropriate. Please register storage of your boat with the Program Director.

Are boats available for away regattas? Racers will participate in regattas throughout New England. Details about what regattas MSA participants typically attend and the arrangements necessary to attend these is available on the pages of this website and at the Race Team orientation held at the beginning of each summer. At the discretion of the Program Director, sailors may charter an MSA boat for a fee and take it to a regatta. Sailors and parents must fill out the charter form, a copy of which is provided in the Race Team packet handed out at the Race Team orientation.

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