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MSA 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

It's the Manchester Sailing Association's 50th Anniversary!  Come join us to celebrate the MSA's history and secure its future.


In 1971, the Manchester Sailing Association officially launched to welcome students of all ages to learn to sail and develop a lifelong passion for the sport.  Going strong more than 50 years later, the MSA is preparing for the next generation of sailors and continuing what has become a beloved summertime tradition for the Cape Ann community. 


Share memories:

Please send photos, accomplishments, awards or stories to and share a quote about a favorite MSA memory.


Donate to ensure an MSA future: 

The goal of the 2021/2022 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign is to build a strong endowment to ensure a successful and popular program for the next generation of sailors. Choose Donate from the menu above!

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