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The 420 is a two person 13'9" performance dinghy with spinnaker and trapeze. Built in buoyancy tanks make the boat very safe, even when inverted.

Manchester Sailing Association has a number of 420s including championship level boats to support the Intro to Race and Race Team.

There are 56,000 420s which have been built worldwide helping to make it the world's top youth training boat. The 420 is sailed at school, club, open, national, and international levels and is globally considered an excellent training platform for junior sailors.

The 420 is the youth development boat in 43 countries around the world - including the United States. It is the equipment for the two-person dinghy boys and two-person dinghy girls events at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships, the pinnacle youth event in the world. Additionally, it is an excellent preparation for college dinghy sailing.


Club 420 Association

US International 420 Association

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