2013 Awards
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2013 Awards



Sea Urchins

Sportsmanship: Arthur Flammia

Shipshape: Owen Cooper

Most Improved: Sylvia Marks

Opti Beginner

Sportsmanship: Max Warnock

ShipShape: Justin Lee

Most Improved: Olivia Turner

Opti Intermediate

Sportsmanship: Chase Davis

Shipshape: Cole Masiero

Most Improved: Charlotte Scully

Opti Advanced

Sportsmanship: Charlie Davis

Shipshape: Sam Peterson

Most Improved: Hayden Byrne

420 Beginner

Sportsmanship: Siwar Aberkane

Shipshape: Sam Stubbs

Most Improved: Sarah Flemming

420 Advanced

Sportsmanship: Courtney Holley

Shipshape: Nick Potter

Most Improved: Petricus West

420 Intermediate

Sportsmanship: Anika Martz

Shipshape: Charlie Shaw

Most Improved: Grace Porter

Opti Learn to Race

Sportsmanship: Jennifer O'Neil

Coach's Award: Alden Irose

Most Improved: Mary Gilman

Best Skipper: Hannah Freeman

Opti Race Team

Sportsmanship: Kate Gilman

Coach's Award: Clayton Booma

Most Improved: Emma Brophy

Best Skipper: Rowan Byrne

420 Learn to Race Team

Sportsmanship: Haley Malloy

Coach's Award: Meehan Irose

Most Improved: Ledyard McFadden

Best Skipper: Cole Carlton

Best Crew: Brendan Desimone

420 Championship Race Team

Sportsmanship: Cliff Gilman

Best Skipper: Quinn Andersen

Best Crew: Ethan Andersen

Most Improved: Shane McLeod

Coach's Award: Lucas Martz


Carl Magee Award - Clayton Booma

Named for Manchester Yacht Club's manager of thirty years (1968-1998), this award, first presented in 1996, goes to the MSA sailor who most embodies the ideals of sportsmanship, including respect for officials, fellow competitors, and him or herself, and seamanship, including respect for his or her sailboat and the sea.

Everett Morss Award - Quinn Andersen

The Everett Morss Award was donated by the Morss family in 1972 in memory of Mr. Everett Morss. He was a fine sailor and a gentleman who was a good friend to all junior sailors in Manchester. This award is given each year to a boy or girl who demonstrates exemplary skill in the handling of small boats under all weather conditions. The winner's name will be inscribed on a brass plate on a model of a square-rigged ship, which will be displayed at the Sovereign Bank in Manchester.

Walt Tomkins - Hayden Byrne

Named for MSA's Program Director of thirteen years (1983-1995), this award, first presented in 1996, goes to the boy or girl who, through individual effort, was the most improved sailor in the Manchester Sailing Association.

David's Seamanship Award - Sarah Hearns and Rory Shaw

This award is given in memory of David Siljeholm, who enjoyed Manchester Harbor most of his young life, until his death at age 14 in 2004. It will be awarded each year to two members of the Ensign, Skipper or Mariner classes who exhibit David's love of being on the water. The award includes tuition at a BOATWISE safe boating or basic navigation class.

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